Elderly persons celebrate

Hundreds of elderly persons in Nyeri County benefited from free meals, medical camp and gift hampers donated by a charitable organization.

The senior citizens had a rare chance of mingling, socializing and dancing to their favorite old tunes during the event which was organized by Purity Elderly Care Foundation amid calls for the society to take good care of them.

Speaking at the function held at the Nyeri Health Center in Nyeri town, the organizations director, Joyce Kairu called on the society and the government to support the elderly to make their sunset years worthwhile.

“Let us all join hands in celebrating the lives of our elderly people by doing the little we can to put a smile on their faces,” said Kairu.

She noted with concern that the society celebrated the elderly when they are dead by contributing a lot of resources to accord them decent sendoffs, while they had spent their later years suffering.

“It has become the order of the day for us to celebrate death more than life which should not be the case,” remarked the Director.

One of the donors, Dr. Thuo Mathenge, Chair, Bradegate Poultry Industry said many of the senior citizens had played a big role in liberating the country from colonial yoke.

“The freedom we are enjoying today in the country is as result of the sacrifice made by our elderly persons in the struggle for independence,” said Dr. Mathenge.

He called on families with elderly members to take care of them as most cannot fend for themselves as their advanced ages had rendered them unproductive.

This was the fifth elderly person’s New Year annual celebrations organized by the foundation in the area.

By Samuel Waititu