Eight legged and three tailed puppy in Kakamega

Have you ever heard of or seen a dog with three tails and eight legs?

If you have not, visit Kona Mbaya village, Lumakanda location, Lugari sub county, Kakamega County, where residents stumbled into a multi deformed puppy on Wednesday and in the home of one of their own, Jospphat Mutoka, an official of Nyumba Kumi.

Mutoka said that he went to the spot where his dog delivered last night only to find one of the five puppies with the deformities.

As if that was not enough it also has two excretory areas and two reproductive organs with Mutoka, saying this is the first time that his dog has given birth to an abnormal puppy.

And following the rare occurrence, scores of people have been thronging the home with some describing the puppy as bad omen.

This creature is satanic, a village elder in Muyuki sub-location, Allan Mungo’nye, 82, stated.

The County Veterinary Officer in charge of AI Services, Dr. Kelly Auma however, attributes the malformation to a congenital disease, adding that drugs administered to animals in early periods of gestation could also have such effect.

Earlier, calves with six, two and three legs were sired in the same area within a span of three weeks.

Though the deformed calves were regarded as a sign of bad omen and virtually of no use, scientists elsewhere have launched research into them in efforts geared towards assisting farmers.

Irish Cattle Breeding Federation for instance has embarked on research into deformed calves arguing farmers can benefit from calves with defective genes.

Source: Kenya News Agency