Egypt policemen jailed over death of lawyer Karim Handy

A court in Egypt has given five-year jail terms to two policemen convicted of torturing a lawyer to death.

Karim Hamdy was detained in Cairo in February, accused of belonging to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

A forensic report showed he died two days later. His ribs were fractured and he had suffered a brain haemorrhage.

The Muslim Brotherhood was removed from power in 2013. The Egyptian government has conducted a crackdown against it since.

Human rights groups say dozens of lawyers have been jailed for defending Muslim Brotherhood members.

Those convicted of torturing Mr Hamdy to death in Cairo’s Matariya district are a lieutenant-colonel and a major.

Mr Hamdy, 27, was beaten to try to force him to admit to a series of allegations, including involvement in anti-government violence.

Mr Hamdy’s case attracted particular attention because of his standing as a respected lawyer.