EDITORIAL: Courts plan timely

Reports that the Judiciary has created an internal unit to handle the construction and repairs of courtrooms are welcome. The move is said to be in order to curb delays and inefficiencies by external contractors.

The Judiciary has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in relation to questionable property deals. Some courtrooms in the country are in a pathetic state and we hope the new unit will prioritise revamp of such buildings and also build new ones in remote areas.

We therefore hope that the new directorate of building services will not only boost its real estate projects but also plug the loopholes that were abused by officials.

It will be responsible for managing the Judiciary’s property, designing court buildings, preparing tender documents and contracts and supervising construction works.

It plans to construct 30 new High Court buildings, rehabilitate 90 magistrate courts and build over 200 new magistrate courts. That is the only way efficient service delivery at the grassroots can be assured.