East Africa: Bodabodas Now Operate Across Kenya – Tanzania Border

By Nestory Ngwega

Horohoro – Commuter motor-bike operators at Horohoro along Tanzania-Kenya border have hailed the decision by the two governments to allow free movement of the vehicles in the area.

They said allowing the bikers to cross the border would boost trade and other social activities in the area. They said the bodaboda business has to a great extent reduced incidents of robbery and other crimes.

Mr John Lituu, a bodaboda operator from Lungalunga area said that: “We are now enjoying free movement across the border, something which has enabled us to operate our business calmly.”

“You know people along the border are inter- dependent A� there are some Tanzanians who go to seek some of their needs and social service in Kenya, while the same is the case with Kenyans,” he added.

He said good bilateral relations between the two countries and youth living along the border is a good opportunity to make money and come out of poverty.

Another bodaboda rider from Horohoro Mr Bakari Njama said that their work is good and have been getting good money for their livelihood.

He, however, said that the problem of Tanzanian bodaboda riders was that most of them don’t own the motorcycles.

Source: AllAfrica