Ease Traffic flow by constructing diversion roads

The business community in Nakuru town has appealed to the National Government to accelerate the construction of diversion roads to reduce the increased traffic flow into the central business district.

The chairman of Small Scale Traders Association Johnson Ndegwa said congestion in the town was mainly caused by vehicle to other towns, especially those in Western Kenya.

Many buses, lorries and even personal vehicles which pass through the town are simply on transit. We want them to use the proposed bypass roads to reduce congestion, noted Ndegwa as he urged the government to hasten construction of bypass roads.

Speaking to KNA in Nakuru Friday, Ndegwa said the business community ‘lost’ a lot of money especially from shoppers who avoided the town due to huge crowds as they feared being pick-pocketed.

He added that the by-pass from Pipeline to Soilo area would ensure that all vehicles from Nairobi to Western Kenya were diverted thus reducing congestion in the town.

Ndegwa asked the business community to ignore the heightened political temperatures and concentrate on uplifting the economy of the country.

Source: Kenya News Agency