Dzoro links Joho and Kingi to outlawed MRC

A Commissioner at the National Cohesion and Integration (NCIC), Morris Dzoro has sensationally linked two governors in the Coastal region with the outlawed and vanquished Mombasa Republican Council (MRC).

Dzoro claimed that Mombasa Governor, Hassan Ali Joho and his Kilifi counterpart, Amason Jeffa Kingi were the real masterminds of the defunct secessionist group that terrorised parts of the coastal region during the Kibaki era.

He described the two leaders, who have been calling for the secession of the Coastal region, as mean persons who did not have the interests of locals at heart and urged residents to ignore their calls.

These two individuals were the brains behind the Mombasa Republican Council that propagated hate and divisive politics with the aim of causing chaos in the traditionally peaceful region, he said.

Dzoro said this in Hola Town, Tana River County on Thursday during a stakeholders meeting on countering violent extremism.

These are the same people that supported the proponents of Pwani si Kenya during the Kibaki regime before Ananiah Mwaboza and I neutralized MRC, claimed Dzoro, who served as MP for Kaloleni and Cabinet Minister in the National Rainbow Coalition (NARC) regime.

The NCIC commissioner claimed that the two governors had grabbed and sold land to foreigners and that they were agitating for secession with a view to paving way for the foreigners to take over land belonging to coastal people.

He challenged Joho and Kingi to first account for the monies they have received as a result of devolution before deceiving the people into thinking that their welfare would be catered for if the region becomes an independent country.

Joho and Kingi have mismanaged the little they have received under devolution, how can they be trusted with an entire region? he posed.

He urged other leaders in the region to reject the secessionist calls and rally the people toward developing the region.

His claims are however not in tandem with the position of leaders of the former secessionist group, who said recently that the remarks by the two governors and a host of other leaders were mere political statements.

Former MRC spokesman, Rashid Mraja said the two governors were playing politics, with Joho having declared his interest in the Presidency in 2022.

Mraja told reporters in Mombasa recently that Joho and Kingi did not support them when they were agitating for self-rule and should keep quiet now that the defunct group’s members had renounced MRC and were supporting the Jubilee Government.

If they were honest, they should have come out and joined us when MRC started. These are the same people who fought us and told us that we wanted to stir up chaos in the region, Mraja said.

Efforts to reach the two governors were futile.

Source: Kenya New s Agency