Duale assures Farah of a resounding a day after both are cleared

Majority leader in parliament Aden Duale has assured the former deputy speaker Farah Maalim of a resounding defeat in the August polls.

The pair who were both cleared on Thursday last week by IEBC to vie for the Garissa township parliamentary seat tore into each other’s political career and at the same time exuding confidence of winning. Farah and Duale are the front runners for the cosmopolitan constituency seat.

Addressing a rally in Garissa town Saturday Duale said the moment Farah decided to contest for the seat ‘is the moment he started writing down his political career obituary’.

My politics and that of Farah are like day and night. Watch this space, a 10 foot grave awaits Farah’s political career come August 9. This is the last time you will hear of him (Farah) in the political arena again, said Duale.

He was misadvised big time. He is used to clan politics and completely forgot that township is a different ball game all together. He only enjoys the support of a paltry 5,000 clan votes while the rest of the 54,000 registered voters belong to me, he added.

Duale said that he has a 10 point score card to present to the people of Garissa township constituency during the campaign that include uniting communities, connection of the areas to the national grid ,tarmacking of roads and infrastructure in general.

The majority leader also rubbished the stepping down of ODM candidate Abdinasir Dolal in favour of Farah terming it is ‘inconsequential’.

The trend could have been different if Dolal came from my clan. Farah and Dolal come from the same clan and they could have shared the same votes from the same basket. For me it doesn’t make any difference,’ he said.

Farah while speaking to the press after being cleared by IEBC said that his eyes were set on the prize and that the people of Garissa will vote for positive change.

It is not only about changing the MP but the way business and politics have been transacted for the past 10 years, he said.

I am not the kind of politician who responds to that kind of statements. Tell him to bring it on. At the end of the day the people’s choice will prevail. All he (Duale) is saying against me is hot air and he better start thinking of what do for the next five years he will be in the cold, he added.

On the elections, Farah said his team has put in place measures to ensure that no single votes ‘will this time be stolen’.

In a quick rejoinder Duale dismissed the assertion that he plans to rig saying Farah is preparing his supporters psychologically that they are going to lose the polls.

Duale comes from the Abduwak clan while Farah hails from the Aulyan clan, the predominant clans in Garissa County.

Although the two leaders promised an issue based campaign, history has it that the locals vote purely on clan basis.

The two will also be banking on votes from other tribes who reside in Garissa town and hold a substantial number of votes that could easily tilt the equation in favour of either of the candidates depending on the party and their persuasions during the campaign period.

Source: Kenya News Agency