Dual citizenship: Kenyan Parliament advised to cancel nomination of ambassador to Seoul

NAIROBI, Parliament has been advised to rescind its approval of the nomination of Mwende Mwinzi for appointment as Kenya’s Ambassador to Seoul, South Korea.

National Assembly’s Committee on Implementation says Mwinzi’s declaration that she will not renounce her US citizenship had left the appointing authority with no choice but to seek her replacement.

The Committee has further recommended that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs initiates an audit of all serving Ambassadors and High Commissioners to ascertain whether any of them holds dual citizenship.

In a report to Parliament, the committee also wants Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary Monica Juma to ascertain whether any of Kenya’s envoys hold dual citizenship with a view of revoking their appointment subject to a review of the law.

On June 6, Parliament approved the nomination of Mwende Mwinzi as Kenya’s Ambassador to Seoul South Korea on condition that she renounces her US citizenship.

Three months after her nomination, Mwinzi has fought back attempts to have her renounce her US citizenship, instead terming Parliament’s conditional approval as unconstitutional.

Mwinzi has since filed a petition before the Constitutional and Human Rights Court in a bid to keep her appointment.

But in a rejoinder, MPs now want the law amended to expressly provide that Ambassadors and High Commissioners be regarded as state officers.

Source: NAM News Network