Drop your guns or risk death in Isiolo


A shoot-to-kill order has been issued in Isiolo county against residents found having unregistered guns.

County commissioner George Natembeya said the order will curb insecurity. “The government offered amnesty to those who register their firearms,” he said. “No one has registered yet many Samburu and Turkana pastoralists have guns.”

Natembeya said the police “will use force” to ensure unregistered guns are recovered and security is restored.

He warned pastoralists against intimidating officers saying the police will use “everything at their disposal to ensure culprits are apprehended”.

“If you try to intimidate police doing their job, you will be treading on dangerous ground. Carrying an unregistered gun is tantamount to carrying death and your days are numbered,” Natembeya said.

He spoke on Thursday after a peace deal signing between the Samburu and Turkana communities.

The National Cohesion and Integration Commission convened the meeting after cattle rustling spiralled into clashes, causing residents of Loruko and Kipsing villages to flee their homes.

NCIC commissioner Morris Dzoro praised the participants for the successful meeting.

“We will ensure your MP helps resettle displaced residents and ensure schools are reopened in January,” he said.