Drama as MPs bodyguard disperses former assistant minister’s supporters

Pandemonium broke loose in Hola town on Thursday when body guards of a Member of Parliament fired twice to disperse supporters of a Tana River gubernatorial candidate.

Trouble started as the oDM (Orange Democratic Movement’s) candidate, Dhadho Gaddae Godhana was addressing hundreds of his supporters at the Bayusuf grounds soon after being cleared by the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

The convoy of Galole MP, Hassan Dukicha, who had also been cleared by the IEBC officials, came into contact with Godhana’s supporters, who were standing on the road as they listened to their candidate.

The supporters did not heed the hooting of vehicles as the MP’s convoy attempted to make its way through the huge crowd into the Central Business District.

Frustrated by their failure to clear the way for MP and his convoy, the bodyguards shot twice in the air, sending some of Godhana’s supporters scampering for safety, and temporarily halting the ODM candidate’s speech.

But most of Godhana’s supporters stayed put, forcing the MPs convoy to look for an alternative route as Major Godhana continued with his speech.

Angry residents who talked to journalists accused Dukicha of arrogantly trying to pass through the crowd of Godhana’s supporters, saying he could have used another route.

The fact that he is the incumbent MP does not give him a licence to disrupt other candidates’ campaign rallies, Salim Maro, a boda boda operator said.

The groups had earlier confronted each other at the county nomination centre when Dukicha’s convoy of supporters was met with chants of ‘PostaPostaPosta’ by Godhana’s supporters.

Attempts by Dukicha to stop Godhana’s supporters using a public address system were drowned by the loud chants, forcing security officers manning the nomination centre to move in and separate the two groups.

Posta is the nickname of Mr. Said Hiribae, who is vying for the Galole Parliamentary seat on a Ford Kenya Ticket.

Although Godhana and Hiribae are in different parties, they are in the same line-up after they were both endorsed by the Pokomo Council of Elders to vie for their respective positions.

ODM does not have a candidate for the Galole Parliamentary seat as a result of the arrangement.

Source: Kenya News Agency