Dormitory reduced to ashes after an inferno

Police in Trans Mara are investigating an incident where a fierce fire destroyed a dormitory in Kilgoris Girls High School in Trans Mara West Sub-County on Wednesday.

The School’s Principal, Ms. Jane Tialal, said the fire that broke out at dusk is likely to have been caused by an electric fault as no one was in the dormitory at the time of the incident.

No one was inside the dormitory when the fire broke out, which makes us suspect that an electric fault occasioned the fire outbreak, said Ms Tialal.

She confirmed no one was hurt and reiterated that all the students, teachers and school workers are out of danger.

There should be no cause for alarm because all pupils were in their classrooms when the fire broke out. A lot of students’ belongings including mattresses, boxes and stationery were, however, burnt to ashes, said Ms Tialal.

She was speaking on Thursday to journalists where she said the value of the destroyed property was still to be confirmed.

We need help from the government and well-wishers because students’ lost property of unknown value, but are forced to remain in school in one way or another because the exams are around the corner, she said.

The Parents and Teachers Association Chairman, Caleb Kapario, thanked the police and neighbours for responding swiftly to tackle the blaze which could have caused more serious damage.

Had it not been for neighbours, teachers and the police, who immediately sprang into action, the fire could possibly have spread into other buildings causing more damage, said Kapario.

Last week, on Monday, another fire outbreak was reported at Nyabondo Primary School in Nyakach, Kisumu County.

A taskforce formed by the Education Ministry to look into cases of arson in hundreds of schools last year found that peer pressure, indiscipline and mismanagement of school resources contributed to unrest in schools.

Source: Kenya News Agency