Don’t let politicians use you-youth told

A women’s lobby group ‘Mama na Mashinani’ has advised the youth to resist attempts to be manipulated by politicians ahead of next week’s repeat presidential poll.

The grassroots lobby group is also urging Kenyans to come out in large numbers and exercise their democratic right to vote in the October 26 repeat presidential poll.

Addressing the press at a Mombasa hotel on Wednesday the lobby’s chairlady Mildred Odinga says young people should reject those who incite them to cause mayhem and confusion especially during electioneering periods.

Ms. Odinga says the youth have borne the brunt of the opposition street demonstrations to force changes at the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

She said the electorate should reject threats and propaganda by individuals out to discredit the upcoming process and exercise their democratic right to vote without intimidation or coercion.

Young people should refuse to be misused by rogue politicians out to stir conflicts and misunderstandings, she said.

She said businesses in the coastal city have suffered in the past few weeks during the street protests that have often turned violent.

As a country, we have peace that should jealously be guarded by Kenyans all the time, she said.

She said the leading opposition political figures who were calling for the street demonstrations lacked the guts to hit the streets themselves.

Aisha Juma on her part urged the youth to actively participate in the forthcoming presidential repeat vote and reject leaders who use them to engage in lawless activities.

A youth leader Matilda Menza said young people should desist from activities that can lead to chaos and destruction of properties.

She said political parties and their leaders should be selling their competing visions for how they would run the country if they are elected instead of using threats of violence.

Source: Kenya News Agency