Don’t elect independent candidates, Murang’a residents told

Rivalry between Jubilee candidates and those running independently is looming in Murang’a after the county governor and women representative told residents to back only those vying on the Jubilee party.

On Thursday, Governor Mwangi wa Iria and Women Representative Sabina Chege stressed that they would not work with those running on independent tickets or with other parties saying Murang’a is a Jubilee party zone.

Mwangi launched a scathing attacker on his opponent Dr. Moses Ndungu Mwangi saying he is being pushed by his enemies who have been trying to bring his County government down.

Moses who is vying on Mzalendo Saba Saba Party, Mwangi said, is being sponsored by Equity Bank chairman Peter Munga and other businessmen who are against his leadership.

He said Munga is an obstacle to Jubilee party since he is sponsoring candidates of other parties to compete with those vying on Jubilee ticket.

In Murang’a we want all elective seats to be won by Jubilee candidates since that’s the interest of the president, added Mwangi.

He told Dr. Mwangi to withdraw his interest in the Murang’a gubernatorial seat promising to give him a job.

In earlier previous press conferences, Dr. Mwangi has been denying allegations that he is being pushed by business community to vie for the seat of governor.

The aspirant has been accusing the governor for spreading malicious allegations after he noted people of Murang’a were ready to vote for another person.

On Wednesday when President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy William Ruto visited the county fracas broke out at Blue Post Hotel when Jubilee candidates tried to evict independent candidates.

Mwangi observed that the government will be weak if the president will not have majority of elected leaders under his party.

Some of aspirants who were defeated in Jubilee party nominations opted to run as independents citing malpractices in the exercise.

Murang’a senator Kembi Gitura who was floored by Kiharu MP Irungu Kang’ata vowed to be in the ballot papers as independent candidate.

Ms Chege castigated the independent candidates saying they are out to weaken Jubilee party in the region.

She observed that if the president will not have majority legislators it may force for formation of a coalition government.

We don’t want to reach a state where we will be forced to have a coalition government but this can be necessitated by electing of independent candidates, said Chege.

Chege will be facing it off with Evelyn Waithera who is running as independent candidate for the county women representative seat.

Source: Kenya News Agency