Document employee’s personal details for security reasons, Police

Kiambu residents have been advised to interrogate their domestic workers thoroughly prior to engaging them to avoid incidents of hiring people with criminal records.

In an interview with KNA in his office on Wednesday, the Divisional Criminal Investigation Officer (DCIO) Kiambu County, Paul Wambugu said that all employees be it house helps, shamba boys or security guards should give out information that reveal their identity to their employees.

He told those employing them to vet them and ensure they got the right information that could assist in apprehending anyone in case they were found to be on the wrong side of the law.

Wambugu said for security reasons, the move would come in handy and help in reducing criminal activities, saying it was easy to track down someone in the event they were involved in any unlawful activity.

When an employee commits crime and the employer knows nothing about them, it becomes difficult even to commence investigations as officers will not know where to begin from, he said.

The DCIO said that some crimes became hard to investigate and acquire justice as the culprits vanish immediately after commission without leaving any traces behind which could be useful to the investigators.

He went on to say that there had been many cases reported to them but the office could only give very minimal assistance since the complainants had the evidence but no information about the culprits, who ended up walking away freely as the complainants languished in regret.

The officer revealed a recent case of an 85 year old grandmother in Muchatha village within the County who was murdered by his shamba boy after which he disappeared before the neighbours knew that a murder had been committed.

The disturbing thing is that the police confirmed the incident with evidence on hand but they asked about the suspect, the neighbours did not even know his name, said Mr. Wambugu.

He also encouraged landlords and caretakers to ensure that at least they have a clue of what the tenants do for a living so that they do not unknowingly harbour suspicious people whose backgrounds were questionable.

Wambugu added that they should also regulate the time to and from the apartments, stating that this would help in curbing criminal activities in the region.

The DCIO noted that some houses were used in planning, executing or hiding firearms after and before crimes were committed.

Silvia Wangui, a landlord at Kirigiti, told KNA that she does not necessarily care what her tenants do for a living or how they lived in their houses as long as they paid her rent during the agreed time.

She added that she knows her clients by the number of houses in her apartment and did not think it was important to take more details about them.

In the recent past, the media was awash with incidents of farmhands and house girls having stolen from their employers and even in some cases murdering them when they stole from them to conceal their evil acts.

Source: Kenya News Agency