Distraught villagers threaten to kill children after cattle raid

Some residents of Suiyan village in Samburu North Sub County are being closely monitored by community members after they threatened to kill their children after cattle, their only source of livelihood was stolen in a raid that saw 40 families lose their livestock.

The Samburu Women representative, Maison Leshoomo has said some men have been affected by the cattle rustling incident that saw the villagers lose over 2,600 cattle.

She said after bandits drove away more than 2,600 animals on Friday, 40 families lost their entire livelihood and some men are thinking of killing their children since they can no longer feed them.

Many families have been left with nothing that is why some men are contemplating taking the lives of their young children rather than see them starve to death. she said.

The woman representative called on the government and well-wishers to donate foodstuff to the village.

She also called on the security agencies to make sure they recover the stolen animals which are believed to be in a neighboring village.

According to Suiyan village Chief, Karoli Leraul, armed bandits from a neighboring community have stolen over 7,000 cattle since July 2017.

Source: Kenya News Agency