Devolution has helped Mandera grow from scratch, says Nyachae

Most Mandera residents had not seen a tarmac road until May this year, the Constitution Implementation Commission chair said yesterday.

However, thanks to devolution, projects now reach the county and other marginalised regions, Charles Nyachae said.

“Devolution for Mandera county is development from scratch,” he said.

“It has built more than 60 dispensaries, 500km from dirt roads to all-weather murram roads… I mean, this is a dream come true.”

The CIC boss was touring Mandera town with CIC commissioner Florence Omosa.

The duo met MCAs and executives to check progress.

Nyachae said successive governments ignored some regions in development.

However, devolution has corrected this, Nyachae said.

This has restored hope to residents of neglected areas that their places will develop, the CIC boss said.

“If devolution fails, pioneers of county leadership will never be forgiven by history,” Nyachae said.

Mandera Governor Ali Roba said devolution has brought services closer.