Demolition of illegal structures along superhighway to continue

Demolition of illegal structures on overpasses and underpasses within the Juja stretch of the Thika superhighway will continue until cases of insecurity in the area are dealt with, Juja Deputy County Commissioner, Charles Mureithi said Friday.

Speaking to KNA after a security meeting, Mureithi pointed out that the encroachment of the highways by hawkers and kiosk operators has continued to pose a major challenge to motorists and other road users, adding that the illegal structures erected on the roadsides have been turned into hide outs for criminals, who stone motorists at night and attack unsuspecting members of the public.

The demolition will continue and we are not going to entertain any negotiations, law enforcement officers will continue flattening any encroachment until the highways are safe for motorists and other road users, he stressed.

Mureithi’s directive comes following an upsurge of cases of insecurity along the Thika superhighway, with dangerous criminals waylaying motorists, the most recent case being of a motorist who escaped death narrowly after marauding gangsters stoned his vehicle, while he navigated the Ndarugu underpass.

The Deputy County commissioner also lamented the mushrooming of markets along the overpasses, a trend he noted is causing obstruction to the free flow of vehicles plying the superhighway.

He cited the Juja town �Juja farm overpass where vendors of all types of merchandise have set shop on the grills and the sides of the road making it impossible for pedestrians and motorists to use the road.

We will arrest any vendor who fails to comply with our directives and we will arraign them in court he said

Mureithi who was accompanied by the area Security team revealed that already, the joint approach security watch involving law enforcement officers from Thika East, Thika West Gatundu South, Ruiru and Githurai have borne a lot of fruits as wanted criminals have been arrested in the ongoing crackdowns meant to rid the area of organized gangs.

Source: Kenya News Agency