Democratic Party calls for dialogue to end political stalemate

The Democratic Party has called for dialogue between Jubilee and the opposition to end the political stalemate on the planned swearing in of Nasa Principal, Raila Odinga.

The DP National Chairman, Esau Kioni,said the country was at crossroads as a result of the political heat and disunity following the disputed elections, saying it was time both sides held candid discussions to end the standoff.

He said if not addressed, the current impasse could plunge the country in to chaos as he called on President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader to end their hard-line positions and embrace dialogue.

Speaking yesterday at his Othaya home, Nyeri, Kioni said the grandstanding and chest thumping being witnessed from both sides of the political divide did not auger well for the country and was a threat to development.

The country is in a state similar to an active volcanic mountain about to erupt if no immediate remedial measures are taken, Kioni said.

He said even the four development pillars the president has outlined in his last term of office will just be a mirage if the current state of affairs continues unchecked.

Kioni said the current uneasiness was not healthy for the development of the country and urged the protagonists to initiate discussion with no preconditions.

He said Nasa threats of swearing their leader as ‘peoples’ president’ was recipe for chaos and political instability that should not be taken lightly.

Source: Kenya News Agency