DCC calls for vetting of non residents in Gem

The Gem’s Deputy County Commissioner (DCC), Geoffrey Mayama has called for vetting of non residents who reside in the area to curb insecurity.

Mayama lamented that the high influx of people who originate from outside the sub county had contributed to the high rate of insecurity in the area.

The DCC said the sub county was host to several labourers and businessmen who needed to be documented to ensure that they were of good standing order.

He instructed chiefs and their assistants to ensure that such people were subjected to background check.

Those found to be clean will be allowed to stay on and continue with their respective tasks but outsiders with criminal background will have to be sent away, said Mayama.

Mayama, who was addressing a public baraza at Nyangweso market, lamented that most people engaged the services of the outsiders without proper check on their backgrounds, only to blame the security apparatus when a crime was committed.

You only hear people complaining when their labourers have committed a crime yet they stay with a lot of them without clear knowledge of their background, he said.

Mayama said any outsider working in Gem Sub County as a watchman, farmhand or any other engagement must provide valid documents from their chiefs proving their conduct before being allowed to work and settle in the area.

Source: Kenya News Agency