Current condition of livestock in Laikipia County

Livestock prices in Laikipia County have sharply gone down, due to the drought being experienced in the area since last year.

A Senior Livestock Production Officer (SLPO), Pius Butich says most of the cattle in area are emaciated while goats and sheep are in fair condition.

The officer, who was speaking on Monday during a County Steering Group meeting at County National Drought Management Authority (NDMA) said massive deaths of livestock occasioned by the ongoing drought have been reported.

It is estimated that 40 percent of livestock in Laikipia County have been lost to the drought, and if the situation persists in the next two months, the figure may rise to between 60 � 70 percent,” he added.

He noted the current price of a cow is Sh.16, 000 as opposed to Sh.36, 000 same time of the year, while that of a goat is Sh. 2, 500 as against Sh. 5,500 in normal time.

A camel is currently selling at Sh. 30,000 while a sheep is going for Sh. 2, 000, against a normal price of Sh. 45,000 and 5, 000 respectively in normal time, he added.

The average milk production across the three zones is one and half litres to 0.05 litres, dropping drastically from the normal yields.

Butich observed that the current available pasture and browse in mixed farming zones will last for two and 4 to 5 months respectively.

He noted distances for livestock to watering points have increased, as they move from normal of 8 kilometers to 15 kilometres.

Source: Kenya News Agency