Cries of baby attracts attention, leads to rescue

Cries of a two month old baby boy who had been abandoned by its mother at a maize plantation in Karanjee village, Limuru Sub-county on Friday night led to a swift rescue by good Samaritans.

Talking to KNA on phone Friday, Ann Wanjiru was walking to her home in company of her friend on Thursday evening when she heard a distress call.

When we reached the Assistant County Commissioners Office in Karanjee, we heard a woman scream and rushed to answer to the distress call, she said.

The 24 year old woman said when they reached where the woman was standing, they thought she had been attacked but that they saw a toddler at the ground crying.

She said the toddler appeared to have been abandoned by its mother in the maize plantation and the chilly weather in the area was taking a toll on the baby as it was not dressed warmly.

We rescued the baby and decided to take it to Dadaas Children Home since we knew they would accept to give it accommodation as the mother was being sought, she said.

The rescuer said that she feared taking the baby to her house since she had no clothing for children.

I could not have taken it to my house as I do not have any clothing for small babies she said.

The Children’s Officer in Limuru/Lari Sub-County, Mrs. Mary Muthumbi, confirmed that the baby had been rescued last evening and taken to the children’s home.

She said the baby who was about two months old had been rescued by two ladies, Ann Wanjiru and Nancy Gakii who took it to the nearby children’s home and later proceeded to Tigoni Police Station where they made the report which was recorded in the OB.

The child was later committed to the Limuru Children Centre for a period of three months as the office in conjunction with other arms of the government pursue the parents of the baby with a view to having them take responsibility.

She however, called on anyone who could avail information that could lead to the whereabouts of the parents to report to do so at the nearest police station.

While reiterating the rescue mission, she said the baby had soiled himself and did not have a diaper and had a light T-shirt on.

It appeared to have spent some time on the farm before the trio bumped into it, she said.

Source: Kenya News Agency