Courts Urged to Give Stiff penalties on Illicit Brewers.

The Nakuru East Security Committee is accusing local courts of being too lenient on notorious illicit liquor brewers in the area, posing challenges to the spirited fight against the menace.

Nakuru East Deputy County Commissioner Omar Salat regretted that less punitive fines to repeat offenders has been an impediment in deliberate efforts to exterminate production, distribution and consumption of illicit brews.

Salat who led an operation at a notorious brewery at Pipe line estate in Nakuru East called on local courts to impose more punitive fines to repeat culprits as deterrence against production of the outlawed brews.

At the brewing bunker, police impounded 1,100 liters of the brew, storage containers, distillation gadgets, packets of yeast and assorted fermentation chemicals.

The county commissioner said the owner of the bunker had evaded a trap laid on Wednesday and police have launched a manhunt for the culprit reported to have been arrested five times earlier in a span of six months, and released on fines deemed too ‘friendly’ to players in the illegal business.

The culprit is reported to have migrated to the area from a neighboring county at the height of the national war against illicit brews last year.

The administrator said the brewer is among others on the police watch list.

Salat commended citizens for volunteering valuable leads on brewers and other criminals in the area to police and further called on citizens to use citizen participation in security management committees to help police contain crime in the area.

Members of the public demolished a perimeter wall of the brewery demanding that the brewer vacates the area.

He attributed crime in the region to consumption of alcohol among citizens but pledged the governments commitment in ensuring the brews are completely eradicated in the area.

The government will not allow unscrupulous traders to start destroying the lives of the youths some of whom are recovering addicts, he said.

The county commissioner said the government was now focusing on rehabilitating the former addicts and will not allow anyone to destroy the gains made.

Source: Kenya News Agency