Court validates Mishi Mboko’s election as Likoni MP

The Mombasa High Court has on Friday validated the election of Mishi Mboko as Likoni MP in the August 8th general election.

The Presiding Judge, Erick Ogola dismissed a petition seeking to nullify Mishi’s election and asked the petitioner, Masoud Mwahima, the immediate former Mp to pay 2.5million.

The petition which was filled by former area MP, Masoud Mwahima sought to nullify the election on the merits of irregularities and that the election was not conducted in accordance with the constitution.

The petitioner complained of his agents not being allowed to access some of the polling stations, some forms not signed and stamped, denial of access to forms, voters’ bribery, intimidation of agents, some boxes not sealed properly and power blackout.

The judge said that the election was not a sham and the irregularities, errors were minor hence cannot be allowed to overturn the will of the voters.

The judge said that the petitioner did not prove the allegations and no solid evidence were brought to court to justify any of the regularities he mentioned.

Justice Ogolla ordered Mwahima to pay a cost of Sh.2.5 million.

Speaking to the press outside the court Mboko, the former Mombasa Women Rep thanked her supporters who had turned up in large numbers to stand with her.

Mboko said that now the case against her was over and that she is ready to work with everybody in her bid to develop the constituency.

She said she will train her eyes to be the governor of Mombasa in 2022.

Source: Kenya News Agency