Court Turns Down Request To Review Suspect’s Bond

A Machakos Court has declined to review bond terms for a key suspect in the death of a seven -month old baby who died while undergoing treatment at the Shalom Hospital on May 5 this year.

The accused, Vincent Njau Ng’ang’a is one of the three suspects implicated in the loss of Master Ethan Muendo whose death sparked public outcry and led to the closure of the hospital on May 6 by the county government.

He is charged alongside Irene Katete Mutinda and Odhiambo Kennedy who are currently out on a sh.500, 000 bond.

Ng’ang’a is still in custody after he failed to raise the sh500, 000 bond.

He pleaded with the court to have his bond reduced to 450, 000 but Senior Principal Magistrate (SPM), Caroline Ocharo declined the request terming the bond term as appropriate for the trio.

The three persons have already been identified as the ones who were on duty on the fateful day and positively identified as the staff who attended to the baby.

According to the Investigating Officer’s report, it was Ngang’a who prescribed for the morphine treatment and procedures to be administered while Mutinda identified only as a ‘nurse’ went ahead and administered the jab which is believed to have been 20 times more than the recommended dose.

It is this jab which is believed to have killed the infant.

The suspects are expected back in court on June 20, 2019.

In t he same court, a man who had been charged with assaulting his father and inflicting an injury on his left eye walked into freedom after he attributed his behavior to his psychiatric condition.

Martin Mutinda, 32, had been arraigned before the court charged with causing actual bodily harm to his father, Paul Wambua contrary to section 251 of the penal code caps 63 laws of Kenya.

He is alleged to have committed the offence on May 4, 2019 at Muthale village,Kauti sub location,Kathiani sub county, Machakos County.

However, when he was brought before the court, Mutinda put up a spirited fight by claiming his action was a result of the medication he was put on due to his psychiatric condition.

Mutinda said while in custody his condition had immensely improved owing to the fact that he was no longer taking the drugs and therefore prayed to the court to free him and be allowed to discontinue taking the medication.

Your honour I don’t like taking this medication since every time I do so they induce me to mess up. I therefore pray to be allowed to stop taking this medication so that I can get back to my former condition, he told the court much to the amusement of the public.

In her ruling, Ocharo ordered for the release of the suspect but warned him against indulging in any form of substance abuse.

She also directed the accused to be taken to the Mathare Teaching and Referral Hospital for further advice by the doctors.

She also ordered Mutinda to be put under one year probation in which to monitor his condition.

Source: Kenya News Agency