Couple arrested as children are rescued

The Laikipia West Sub-County Children’s department on Tuesday arrested a couple and rescued their six of their neglected children.

The children who were heavily infested with jiggers at Naselian village, Mutitu/Marment location of Laikipia County were rescued by the area Children’s Officer, Ms. Gladys Langat.

Samuel Lolgol alias ‘landover’ and his wife, Jane Akeno were caught unawares, with the children in their shack after information from a local volunteer children’s officer, Thomas Kalei reached her office.

The children and their parents are living in deplorable and unhealthy condition infested with jiggers.

Mrs Jane Akelo said efforts to spray the pests and wash the children had proved futile as the jiggers persistently attacked the children.

However, according to neighbours the couple habitual drinks and neglects their children to the point of failing to enroll them in the free primary education programme.

Basic education is a right to every child, it is now free and compulsory and children must be in school, said Langat.

She warned parents who fail to take their children to school that the government will not hesitate to penalize them for the vice.

The parents blamed poverty for their actions not to take their off springs to learning institutions, though they live in a high agricultural rich area, especially in maize production.

The children were taken to a home while the couple was arrested and will appear in court on charges of neglecting their children.

Source: Kenya News Agency