County to partner with local NGOs to enhance development

The Garissa County government will partner with non-governmental organization operating in the area in order to enhance development in the county, Deputy Governor, Abdi Dagane has said.

Speaking during a meeting with Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Country Director (CD), Neil Turner in his office on Friday, Dagane said the county government has formed NGO coordination board that will take care of all activities of donors in the county.

The deputy governor said as the number of refugees dwindle following tripartite agreement between Kenya, United Nation High Commission for Refugees and the Somalia government, many youth who depended on refugee’s presence will be left desolate and idle.

We are witnessing a reduction in the number of local NGOs closing their operations due to the falling number of refugees at the vast Dadaab camps. This translates to lose of jobs for our youth, Dagane said.

As a government, we are aware of the dangers posed by this scenario and that is why we came up with the NGO coordination board to look at all the challenges brought about by the intended closure of the refugee camps in Dadaab, he added.

On the environment, Dagane said the over 500,000 refugees have over the past two decades caused enormous environmental destruction through felling of trees for firewood and building houses, and that it would take years for the host community to restore.

The environmental destruction has also caused climate change. All actors must come forward to ensure we restore what has been done by refugees to our environment, he said.

The deputy governor assured all NGOs operating in the area of his administration’s support.

On his part, the NRC CD said the organization had helped many refugees in Dadaab acquire the relevant skills, but because their movement is restricted they can’t get industrial attachment to prove their skills.

He said the same programme that will mainly target the youth shall be extended to the host community.

Source: Kenya News Agency