County leaders skip Madaraka Day celebrations

Kirinyaga County Assembly Leader of majority Kamau Murango has reprimanded the County government officials for skipping the county Madaraka day celebrations held at Baricho in Mwea West Sub County.

Murango said the leaders should not only attend meetings when the president and his deputy are around, but also during important national’s days like Madaraka day.

He said the four area members of parliament from the county should have attended the county celebrations, but instead chose not to, saying this was proof that they attribute little importance to the day.

I am here to represent the governor who is not around, though I am not the one who is supposed to represent her since she has a deputy governor in office, he said.

Murango said all the leaders should endeavour to attend such meetings and tell ‘Wanjiku’ what they are doing for her. He urged them to desist from clamoring for recognition whenPresident Uhuru and his deputy are around.

Why are they missing in these celebrations now? They would have had all the time to interact and listen to the views and challenges of the common mwananchi, he said.

Kerugoya Deputy county commissioner Philip Nzilu, who represented the County commissioner who is on leave, urged the county government to support the fight against alcoholism.

He said there is need for both levels of government to work together and help to control consumption of both licensed and unlicensed alcohol.

Nzilu said the licensing committee must include the police and the public health officials, who he noted have been left out in the formation of the current licensing committee.

The administrator noted that the applicants from Kirinyaga Central were 600, but the committee approved 150.

He however regretted that there were some mysterious approvals that increased the number to over 400 bars.

I don’t know how I can put it, but the bars were increased up to 400. Let the members of the public also be involved in determining how many bars they want in their locality. In that, we can be able to regulate the bars, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency