County issues bursaries to all students in national schools

Students admitted to national secondary schools from Kwale will have their fees for the entire four-year period of secondary education paid for by the County government.

A total of S50 million out of the Sh400 million county bursary kitty has so far been disbursed to at least 3,000 students in national schools, according to the Governor Salim Mvurya.

Another 1,440 students in universities are also benefitting from the kitty launched four years ago.

Speaking at Tiwi Sokoni, Matuga Sub-county, where he disbursed more bursary cheques, Mr Mvurya said no student will miss their slots in national schools since their fees will be catered for by the county.

Kwale may for now be the only county offering full scholarships to students in national schools in the country. This is indeed an achievement we all take pride in, he added.

He said the intervention by his government had benefitted many bright but needy students.

Many of them would otherwise be languishing at home or seeking help from well-wishers like it is currently happening elsewhere in other regions, he said.

Mr Mvurya said the county will never again be ridiculed as an academic dwarf since it has dedicated immense resources towards the improvement of its education sector as illustrated by the success of the bursary scheme.

At the same time, the Governor promised that his administration will serve the residents with total dedication more than it did during the previous term.

The only way I can reciprocate the overwhelming support voters gave me in last year’s election is by ensuring my government redoubles its efforts in service delivery, he noted.

He asked all elected leaders in the region to keeps aside their narrow interests and party affiliations and instead strive to selflessly work towards changing the locals’ socio-economic life.

Source: Kenya News Agency