County intensifies war against cholera

Unscrupulous private developers could be behind the rising number of people being diagnosed with water borne diseases in Kirinyaga County, a health official has said.

Kirinyaga County Director of Health, Dr. Esbon Gakuo said they are zeroing in on several businessmen located in Wang’uru and Kagio alleged to be draining raw sewage into nearby rivers.

Currently what we have are mere allegations which must first be verified. However, if confirmed, those involved will be prosecuted as this is a blatant violation of the law, pointed out Dr. Gakuo.’

Dr. Gakuo said an earlier ban on food hawking in all the county’s major trading outlets remained in force as a measure of maintaining hygiene and keep in check any cholera outbreak in the county.

Yesterday public health officials visited several food outlets within Kerugoya town to assess compliance on the new order.

The officers also held a meeting with the traders in which they were advised on the need to observe the new regulation banning the sale of cooked food and milk within in the open.

And even as the county government implemented the new directive, some of the traders were complaining that the order is likely to drive them out of business.

Mrs. Emily Njura, a milk and food seller while welcoming the move says the decision is likely to affect her earnings as most of her clients will have to look for alternative vendors.

I am likely to lose a large part of my clients most of whom have been taking milk on a daily basis. We support the government’s effort to contain the outbreak of cholera in our county but it could have been done without having to force us out of business, said Ms Njura.

Source: Kenya News Agency