County governments embarks on street children rehabilitation project

The Nakuru County government has embarked on a plan to rid the town of street children and has already rounded up 81 and placed them into various institutions.

The Nakuru County CEC for Youth, Gender, Culture, Sports and Social Welfare, Halima Gababa told the press that those rounded up were found on the streets on various days between February 22 and 27.

She said that the children were placed into various institutions through a court process adding that if any of them are found on the streets again, they risk prosecution.

Gababa said that the exercise will continue until all the children on the streets are either placed in institutions or reunited with their families.

She added that several children’s homes that the County government had identified and requested for support have promised to take care of children placed in them.

The CEC however, expressed concern on the ever increasing number of parents abdicating their parental roles thus causing the number of street children to rise steadily saying that when questioned, most of the street children identified their homes and parents.

She said that it was immoral for a parent to send their child to the street and warned that once identified, such parents will have to face the full force of the law.

Early last month, the County government of Nakuru announced an ambitious plan to roll out the street children’s rehabilitation project in collaboration with other stakeholders.

The initiative was meant to equip the older children with skills while placing young ones in children homes or reuniting them with their families.

The CEC had then announced the formation of an implementation committee tasked with identifying ways of dealing with the street children menace that had fast become a major challenge in many county governments.

The CEC said that once the process of identifying and classifying them has been completed, they will undergo counseling before being released to various destinations.

The exercise, she added will be undertaken by the Children’s department with minors being placed in foster homes and the older ones vocational training institutions under the sponsorship of the county government.

According to the plan, those who have basic business skills will enter into a partnership spearheaded by the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru which will run a joint Economic Empowerment program funded by the Nakuru County Government.

A series of meetings among various stakeholders to brainstorm on the matter have already been held. The stakeholders include the Children’s department, probation, social services, judiciary and police among others.

Source: Kenya News Agency