County government to undertake audit of its workers

The West Pokot County government will undertake a thorough audit of all its workers as a way of reducing the wage bill.

Governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo said that a far reaching audit is needed to streamline the system after realising that the county employed many workers incurring a huge expenditure.

Immediate measures need to be put in place to weed out unnecessary and ghost workers in the county public service, said Lonyangapuo.

Speaking to the press in his office in Kapenguria on Tuesday, the governor observed that a large allocation of the county’s budget goes to the salaries leaving very little for development.

We have received various briefs from each department and we realise that many of the sections are over staffed and my government is moving with speed to see to it that unnecessary staff is removed, he said.

He noted that many workers were employed three months to the general elections yet the county has no strength to pay them.

It has come to our realisation that employment was used as a campaign tool, as majority of these workers were employed during the electioneering period. We shall ascertain their qualifications and certificates and action taken accordingly, said the governor.

Lonyangapuo pointed out that qualified personnel will not be sacked, saying deployment will be done to the departments they fit in.

There will be some minor changes where an officer will be deployed where he/ she is qualified. We have noted that some were employed and posted to wrong departments, he said.

He further warned them against laziness, absenteeism and corruption, saying his government will not entertain such vices.

Those implicated in stealing public funds and resources will not be spared. A thorough financial audit will be done and those found in dubious transactions will face the law, he said.

Lonyangapuo promised to cut off foreign trips and bench markings, saying such expeditions have proved unhelpful to the county, but only ended up incurring unnecessary expenditure at the expense of development.

County government officers have been going to countries like Israel, Congo and USA to bench mark. Nothing has been implemented on the ground after making such trips and this should come to an end. Israel is a desert where they only use irrigation. It will be better to benchmark in other counties in the country which have proven successful projects, he said.

Lonyangapuo encouraged local investors to start investing in hotel industry in the country. Our people have been paying more than Sh.20, 000 per day in hotels outside the county. Ten people can come together and raise money to build hotels even grass thatched ones, with modest accommodation and avoid wastage of public funds, he said.

He asked residents not to be queuing at the governor’s residence and county offices assuring that he will be meeting them in wards.

We shall be coming where you are. There is no need for you to come here. We should discourage queues in my office, wait for me and I will come there, he said.

The governor gave out a stern warning to county workers who misuse county vehicles asking residents to report any vehicle that will be operating during night hours without official approval.

I have given you my phone number, just SMS me or take a photo so that we know who is misusing government resources, said Lonyangapuo.

Source: Kenya News Agency