County government to spend Sh.3 million in combating drug abuse

Kirinyaga County Government has factored Sh.3 million towards an effort to combat the rampant brewing and consumption of illicit liquor and related drugs.

Area Deputy Governor, Peter Ndambiri said the money will be channeled to the National Campaign against Drug Abuse, (NACADA) and county office.

Ndambiri said the County has been classified as a transit zone for hard drugs while combined with the brewing and consumption of illicit liquor had left many families wallowing in abject poverty.

Speaking at Kutus town on Sunday, the official also promised to have the current licensed, liquor outlets reduced significantly for the good of the area residents.

He said many youths whose lives have been wasted by their engagement in the taking of the hard drugs had reached alarming proportions and urgent remedial measures should be put in place.

Ndambiri said the Sh.3 million will be used to empower the law enforcing officers in the area for combating the social menace.

He said even the manufacturing of the second generation brews was set for immediate regulation as its consumption had proved lethal to the youths as well.

I am not scared of making the unpopular pronouncements regarding the social evils the drugs are causing to the communities, we must say the truth if we are to help our people, he said.

He said he will not relent in the fight against drugs to the bitter end even if some people involved in this crude trade are not going to be pleased with the crusade.

The Deputy County Commissioner, Philip Nzulo representing the County commissioner said the liquor licensing courts must work together with other security agents to bring down consumption of alcohol in the county.

He said some traders were tricky as they apply for Bar and Restaurant licenses only to turn to the sale of brews 24 hours under the guise of this category of a license.

The administrator said this category of a license which traders have abused will no longer apply as it was the reason why many youths were seen being drank throughout the day in Kerugoya town.

Source: Kenya News Agency