County government sets aside S20 million for drought mitigation

Isiolo county government has set aside S20 million this financial year to mitigate against the prevailing drought that has left thousands of people in dire need of food.

Isiolo governor Dr. Mohamed Kuti said Sh380 million was required to feed 103,000 locals, currently in need of relief food.

Both livestock and agriculture sectors in our county are seriously affected by the looming drought that is being worsened by invasion of herders from Marsabit and Laikipia counties in search of pasture, said the governor.

Dr. Kuti who was chairing a County Steering Group (CSG) at National Drought Management Authority boardroom on Friday, said the county government would subsidize fuel for boreholes operations as well as water trucking to schools and health facilities in the villages.

He added that the county government will also provide bursaries to pupils to act as relief to the parents’ burden of school fees noting 60 percent of pupils would otherwise not go to school.

The governor challenged development actors to channel their contributions through the CSG for approval in order to avoid duplication of activities or concentrating development activities on one part side while ignoring other needy areas.

He said lack of water has made ECD children to miss meals in the school and promised that his government would ferry water to Modogashe, Sericho and Merti zones where dams have dried up.

County Director of Education Samuel Kiragu revealed that two schools were closed down due to insecurity and children moved to a neighbouring school though it was already congested.

The county drought management coordinator Lordman Lekalkuli said that the current drought has increased relief dependents from 65 percent to 70 percent in Isiolo North and from 55percent to 60 percent in Isiolo South, and if long rains expected in next two months fail, the dependency will rise to 80 percent.

Source: Kenya News Agency