County drivers arrested by the governor

Three West Pokot County drivers were Monday evening arrested by the area county governor Prof. John Lonyangapuo, for misuse of county vehicles and handed over to Kapenguria police.

The governor arrested the three accusing them of using the county vehicles during odd hours and without work ticket being signed by the authorised officer.

Lonyangapuo however, Tuesday went to the police station to request for the release of the three, but not before each was asked to comment on how the cell experience was for one night.

Chewai said the experience was good and he did not see any problem with the cell.

Addressing all County drivers who had assembled outside the police station, the Governor condemned Chewai’s response saying it was very rude of him and he was not remorseful and wanted him to be taken to court but his colleagues pleaded for forgiveness.

He added that the public have reported cases of county vehicles being misused after official working hours.

My government will not allow mishandling of public resources no matter what. I am informed that some of you take the vehicles to your homes and others go to bars in Makutano, Kesogon and Kitale with the county vehicles not knowing that the public are watching and reporting to me the misuse of vehicles he said.

He added that this act of taking the drivers to the police station to spend a night in the cell should serve as a lesson to all who are known to misuse the county properties.

I am also aware that some of you were employed without certificates and others used the back door to be where you are and yet you do not want to adhere to the rules of duty. I will sack anyone who plays around with the public resources because I was elected by the people and I have to ensure that I serve them accordingly, said Lonyangapuo

The police county commander Mathew Kuto who was also present said his security team was very ready to work with the governor to ensure proper use of the county resources and good behavior among the civil servants.

The county executive officer for public service and ICT madam Ruth Kisabit said they will be vigilant and urged the officers to be responsible because respect is virtue.

All the county drivers were urged to do their work with self respect and determination for the betterment of west Pokot County.

Source: Kenya News Agency