County chiefs reject MPs’ economic bloc


Governors from the Coast have dismissed a move by MPs to form a unity and economic caucus, calling it a duplication of roles.

Taita Taveta Governor John Mruttu who is a summit member of the Jumuiya ya Kaunti za Pwani economic bloc, said it is unnecessary to have many lobbies championing the same issues.

Speaking on the phone yesterday, Mruttu said governors support unity of Coast residents as long as it is done under one umbrella.

Mombasa politicians Maur Bwanamaka and Ibrahim Babangida said economic issues at the grassroots have been devolved.

“Legislators are supposed to represent people at the National Assembly and leave the issue of economic empowerment to governors,” Bwanamaka said.

Babangida said the caucus chaired by Kaloleni MP Gunga Mwinga will result in conflict with the governors.

He urged the legislators to join the county chiefs in fostering development.

“A collision will eventually go against the objective of empowering the residents,” Babangida said.

There has been a cold war between legislators and governors since the formation of JKP late last year.

Some MPs say the initiative is meant to consolidate support for governors ahead of 2017.