County Assembly unsettled with Munya’s plans

The Isiolo county government has expressed its disappointment with Meru Governor, Peter Munya’s plan to carry out infrastructural development along the Isiolo-Meru boundary area.

The county assembly said that that it would sue Munya for implementing development projects in the disputed border area which he alluded to last Saturday during a public meeting at the nearby Mugae market.

County assembly Speaker, Mohammed Tubi together with Members of the County Assembly accused Munya of creating confusion and tension over the disputed boundary between the two counties.

The speaker questioned why Munya was interfering with the disputed area while the matter was still pending in court. Both parties are expected in court on January 13.

Tubi said that law abiding citizens should leave the matter to the courts before any activity is embarked on by the Meru side.

The leaders urged the national government to intervene and block any development along the disputed area because it could promote animosity between the two counties.

He said, demarcation should be a all inclusive exercise and must be subjected to public participation before any party rules out on the disputed land.

Isiolo governor Godana Doyo also said Munya’s move is contrary to the court order barring any activities on the contested area until the matter is determined.

However Isiolo County Commissioner, George Natembeya warned leaders against making provocative statements.

Natembeya said there are private land owners who have settled along the disputed areas and the idea of putting development on those areas would affect their livelihoods.

The administrator reiterated that a consultative meeting would be held to sensitise both counties on issues relating to the boundary.

By David Nduro