County Assembly calls for opening of access roads to Lake Naivasha

The Nakuru County Assembly has passed a motion seeking to compel hotels and other private investors operating around the shores of Lake Naivasha to open corridors for use by the public.

The mover of the motion, Lake View ward MCA, Karanja Mburu, said members of the public were forced to travel more than 30 kilometres to access the lake through the Naivasha � Kamere road yet the lake was surrounded by at least 23 access roads.

It is high time the county government moved in and cleared the corridors which have been invaded by the private developers, said Mburu.

While contributing to the debate, Majority Leader, Stanley Karanja accused some private developers of grabbing public access roads and turning the lake into private property yet it was an asset for all communities living around it.

Karanja said that a few individuals and entrepreneurs running high end hotels could not be allowed to use the lake exclusively while excluding other members of the community.

Karanja noted that the lake was a natural resource which ought to be enjoyed by all members of the public. Interests of the majority must be put into account in reopening access roads, he stressed.

Karanja, who is also the MCA for Naivasha East, said the passage of the motion was a milestone as it would ensure access to Lake Naivasha.

We have passed a motion that will see hotels and other private investors compelled to open corridors at Lake Naivasha for the public, he said.

Source: Kenya News Agency