County Allocates 65 percent to Recurrent Expenditure

The Turkana county government plans to spend 65 percent of its Shs. 11.2 billion budgetary allocation for the year 2017/18 on recurrent expenditure, a departure from the past where over 60 percent was being allocated for developments expenditure.

While reading presenting the budget statement in the assembly on Tuesday acting county executive committee member for finance and planning Charles Lokioto said this decision was made after taking into consideration recommendations by the Office of the Controller of Budget on reclassifying some of our development programs to recurrent expenditure namely, Fund Accounts, Bursaries, food relief, pharmaceuticals and other programmes.

Lokioto added that the restructuring of the County Executive Departments had also contributed to an increase in recurrent expenditure.

Due to this, Mr. Speaker, the proportion of recurrent expenditure at 65% will exceed that of development expenditure at 35% unlike in the previous years where Development expenditure exceeded Recurrent, Lokioto told the house.

He added that the 2017/18 county budget objective will mainly revolve around operationalization of programmes and projects including equipping and staffing facilities that have been put up in the last four years of devolution.

The budget also seeks to address the severe drought which has forced the executive to reprioritize interventions to drought mitigation and response.

To sustain the pastoral economy, Lokioto said, an allocation of Kshs. 133 Million has been proposed for Livestock Production Services and Kshs. 119 Million for Veterinary Services.

To ensure food security and adequate water for both domestic and livestock use, the government has intends to spend Kshs.110.4 Million on water supply, Shs. 140 Million on drilling, Shs. 290.4 million on operations and maintenance and shs. 88 Million on agricultural production.

Further an additional Shs. 293.3 million will be spent on irrigation and land reclamation program.

Tuesday’s budget was the fifth Budget under the leadership of Governor Josphat Nanok and the last in the implementation of Turkana County Integrated Development Plan (CIDP) 2013 � 2017 hence it sought to address the Government’s overall policies and priorities as identified in the CIDP.

Source: Kenya News Agency