Counties urged to ensure equitable distribution of resources to avoid conflicts

Governors have been urged to ensure that resources allocated to them were equitably distributed across the counties to avoid communal conflicts.

The Chair of the National Assembly Parliamentary Committee on National Cohesion and Equal Opportunities, Maina Kamanda said that some of the conflicts being witnessed in the country revolved around perceived unfair distribution of resources allocated to the counties

Some of these conflicts can be avoided if the governors take a bold step to ensure that resources allocated to them are equitably distributed across the County irrespective of whether the communities voted for them or not, Kamanda said.

Kamanda was speaking in Garissa when he made a courtesy call to Garissa County Commissioner (CC), Joshua Chepchieng’.

Conflicts have in the past arisen because certain communities feel sidelined by their respective County governments with the most affected areas being Arid and Semi Arid areas where competition for resources sometimes leads to bloody conflicts, he said.

Kamanda, who was accompanied by other committee members, said that counties should through their integrated development plans seek for the opinion of all citizens who would not only suggest projects but prioritize them.

We should all strive to promote peaceful co-existence amongst ourselves. We don’t want to see a situation where our people fight and kill each other over resources. Let devolution be a blessing to our counties and not the other way round, Kamanda noted.

On his part, the CC assured the committee that his security team was working closely with the County administration to ensure that communities in the area co-existed peacefully.

Our role is to ensure that security issues that revolve around sharing of resources especially water and pasture are resolved before they flare up. We shall work closely with the governor and his administration to ensure that no life is lost due to conflict over resources, Chepchieng’ said.

Source: Kenya News Agency