Counties advised to develop disaster risk management policy

County governments have been encouraged to develop disaster risk management policies that would enable the government to manage disasters whenever they occurred.

The Cabinet Secretary for Devolution (CS), Eugene Wamalwa said that climate change has made the country to experience one disaster after another and therefore called for preparedness to manage the same.

What we want to see in our country is a proper disaster risk management policy, legal framework and systems, he said.

Speaking during a funds drive for victims of a fire incident at Kamukunji market in Kitale town on Saturday, Wamalwa said the policy would provide a standard procedure to be used to ensure the government responds accordingly and help those affected on time.

As the national government, we have developed our policy. I want to challenge the county governments to be properly armed with a policy, a legal framework and system to manage disasters, he said.

He also advised county governments to budget for more fire engines to enable them to quickly respond to fire incidents.

Wamalwa said property could have been saved had county governments been prepared to put off fires that have been experienced in many schools in the country.

Source: Kenya News Agency