Council of elders to spearhead dialogue and cohesion

The newly elected Somali council of elders in Isiolo has pledged to embrace dialogue to spearhead cohesion among warring pastoralists communities in the county.

Council’s incoming Chairman, Shariff Abdikadir said the council will engage elders from the other communities in the county who keep livestock to end occasional conflicts over water pasture.

We will engage in dialogue to enhance cohesion among herders from the Samburu, Turkana, Meru and Borana communities to end conflict over occasional water and pasture especially during dry spells, said Mr. Abkadir.

The Council’s Secretary, Idle Hassan said the consortium of 11 Somali sub tribes living in Isiolo will act as the community’s advisory team during negotiations between the county government and the Somali community.

The council with 34 members from the 11 Somali sub tribes also spearheads the community’s political, economic and social interests.

The officials are the mouthpiece and are tasked with highlighting and addressing gaps and relevant issues affecting the Somali community.

Abdikadir said several herders have died in the county owing to conflicts and fight over pasture for their livestock.

We want to bring together elders and warring communities to dialogue and end conflict to allow herders share resources together, said the incoming chairman.

Source: Kenya News Agency