Council of Elders calls for peace and unity during repeat Presidential Election

Tugen Council of elders has called on Kenyans to maintain the prevailing peace and harmonious co-existence as the country prepares for the repeat presidential election on October 26.

Speaking to the press at Egerton University, Chemoron Campus in Baringo South after a two day meeting on Thursday, the elders said the repeat presidential election should be conducted in a peaceful manner. The training on peace was organized by Jamii Thabiti organization.

Led by their Chairman, Fredrick Chepkieng, the elders said it was imperative that the country remained peaceful during and after the presidential poll so that people could continue with their normal activities without fear.

The elders asked IEBC to continue preparing for a free, fair and transparent election as ordered by the Supreme Court when it annulled the presidential results.

I urge all Kenyans to participate in the 26th October presidential elections and ignore leaders who want to sabotage the exercise, Chepkieng implored.

The Council Secretary, Rev. Zachariah Chirchir stated the country belonged to all Kenyans irrespective of their political persuasions and warned politicians against dividing the people along tribal and party lines.

Rev. Chirchir of AIC suggested that if the Constitution promulgated in 2010 has some loopholes, it should be amended so that the country is not plunged into further problems in future.

He urged leaders from both sides of the political divide to dialogue on some of the contentious issues and put the interests of the nation first rather than championing their own interests.

Rev. Chirchir criticized religious leaders for remaining silent when they were supposed to play a greater role in advising the country on better ways of ensuring that peace and unity was promoted in all corners of the country.

Source: Kenya News Agency