Seventy-two percent of Kenyans have no confident that the country’s Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has the nerve to fight graft in the country.

This is the finding of the latest survey conducted by polling firm Infotrak, which reveals that bribery is the most common form of corruption in Kenya, with the police force seen as leading in involvement.

According to the recently concluded survey, 73 per cent of the Kenyan population feels that corruption is on the increase.

The survey, which was conducted between May 31 and June 5, reveals that bribery is the most common form of corruption in the country, with 88 per cent of Kenyans citing the police force as the most corrupt while 35 per cent of Kenyans say they fear to report bribery cases on account of the repercussions.

The survey, which was sponsored by the African Centre for Open Governance (AfriCOG), also reveals that a majority of Kenyans have little faith in the ability of agencies such as the EACC to fight corruption with only 38 per cent confident in the commission’s ability to do so.

The three top issues which Kenyans want the government to work on are the economy (65 per cent), corruption (53 percent) and insecurity (39 per cent).

With regard to the economy, five key areas were raised — unemployment and jobs, high cost of living vs poor income, poverty, education and infrastructure.