Corruption Is As Clear As Mismatched Wealth and Salaries, Obama Says

US President Barack Obama has urged Kenyans to fight corruption at all levels saying it can never be “small time”.

He said it is important that the government and citizens acknowledge that graft does not entail the normal way of doing business.

“People are not stupid; when they see somebody driving six cars and the salary doesn’t match… there is no need for a forensic auditor… end graft,” he said.

He spoke at a joint press conference at State House, Nairobi, on Saturday, following bilateral talks with President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Obama said corruption may be the biggest hindrance to Kenya’s growth.

He said it is slowing down the entrepreneurial culture and keeping foreign investors away.

“The culture of having to bribe your way to start a business will kill the entrepreneurial spirit,” he said.

“International investors are concerned that a large percentage of funds are lost to matters that are not related to the actual job.”

Obama praised Uhuru for declaring a war on graft and urged him to find its root cause.

“The fight against corruption should be a partnership from all,” he said, adding; “This may mean increasing salaries.”