Consult experts if buying land

Urithi Housing Cooperative Society has advised Kenyans seeking to buy land to consult experts to avoid falling prey to fraudsters.

The Cooperative’s MD, Kevin Muthuri says, The decision you take today will have a far reaching effects on your future and you should therefore plan for your own destiny.

Muthuri was speaking to over 400 members of the housing cooperative gathered from various parts of the country who had gone for a fact-finding tour of the Sacco’s 482 Gardens project located in over 500 acres situated at the Nyeri and Laikipia counties boundary.

He told members that the society was committed in helping them invest wisely for themselves and their children.

The project, located next to the tourist attraction and world-renowned Ol Pajeta Ranch, was suitable for agribusiness where members could grow horticultural products.

This land is also palatable for holiday and retirement homes. One can also use it for speculation, Muthuri said.

He said Urithi was willing to compliment government efforts in accommodation of its citizens, adding that they were also encouraging members to put up affordable houses in their respective parcels.

The Sacco is made up of 25, 000 members and 400 employees. Since we started, our members have never failed to get their annual dividends of not less than 12 per cent per annum, Muthuri concluded.

Source: Kenya News Agency