Concern over rising political temperatures

The Global Arise and Shine Evangelism Ministry is calling on Kenyans to stay cool as the political temperature in the country rises.

The Interdenominational Christian Ministry at the same time, is urging leaders to tone down the current political temperatures as the country prepares for the October 26 repeat presidential poll.

Apostle Joseph Likiti of the ministry told a press conference in Mombasa on Thursday that the current debate of whether the country goes ahead with the October 26 vote or not should not be used to divide Kenyans.

We are urging politicians from across the political divide to tone down on their aggressive political rhetoric, he said.

He called on President Kenyatta and opposition leader, Raila Odinga to go out of their way to extinguish the charged political atmosphere by embracing the spirit of give and take.

The cleric says elections should not be used as an excuse to divide Kenyans along tribal lines and sow seeds of discord.

Additionally Bishop Milton Agusioma of Pwani Pentecostal churches said politicians should embrace dialogue to unlock the present political stalemate precipitated by the overturning of the August 8 presidential election by the Supreme Court.

Politicians from Jubilee and the opposition should embrace dialogue and reconciliation to spare the country further agony, he said.

Bishop Agusioma said every right thinking Kenyan should be concerned with what is happening in the country.

Kenyans should value each other and live in harmony and turn to God for guidance in times of uncertainties, he said.

The church leaders asked Kenyans from across the political and social divide to unite and work for the development of the country and reject the evil machinations of self-seeking politicians.

Source: Kenya News Agency