Community Groups Intensify Efforts to Conserve Forest

A youth group has planted two hectares of indigenous trees in Kakamega rainforest in the past one month.

The Chairman of the Community Forest Associations (CFAs) dealing in conserving and protecting the forest , Abraham Imbai said they are planning to do gapping in the Shamiloli block.

Imbai added that they have partnered with the Kenya Forest Service (KFS) and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to ensure that the indigenous forest cover is replenished and expanded.

According to the Western Regional Head of Conservancy (HOC), John Wachihi they intend to plant 16.8 million seedlings in the region this season of which 1.8 million seedlings would be planted by CFAs.

He said they are going to rehabilitate 100 hectares of indigenous species in the Kakamega and Mt. Elgon forests while each of the 11 selected CFAs would be allocated one hectare of forest land to grow trees.

The HOC stated that his team has adopted the participatory management approach where the local communities have been brought on board so that they feel that they have a stake in the forest resources.

In Kakamega forest, there are four CFAs, including Mwileshi,Kibiri, Bunyala and Malava.

Source: Kenya News Agency