Commissioner Warns Parents on Child Neglect

Turkana Central Deputy County Commissioner Alexander Mativo has warned parents who let their children to roam in the streets of Lodwar town that they risk being arrested and prosecuted.

Speaking in Lodwar on Tuesday, Mativo said some parents who are able to take care of their children have abandoned their responsibility and let them live and idle in town.

I am going to ensure that as we take the children to rehabilitation facilities, their parents are arraigned in court for child neglect, warned the Deputy County Commissioner.

Mativo at the same time warned traders who hire children as hawkers that they will be dealt with severely in accordance with the law.

I have issued warnings to some businessmen who have been hiring children as hawkers. I don’t care how rich you are, we shall deal with you, Mativo cautioned.

Lodwar town has seen an upsurge of children who fail to attend school and instead turn to begging and hawking.

Source: Kenya News Agency