Commissioner warns officers who collude with illegal brewers

The Nyandarua County Commissioner (CC), Boaz Cherutich has warned chiefs and police officers who collude with illegal brewers that they risked being dismissed from public service.

However, Cherutich said he was happy that most of the notorious illicit brewers in the area have since abandoned the practice.

Tell the remaining few culprits to follow suit or the law will deal with them. You know when you are taken to court the fine is punitive. Those we arrested in the past are still languishing in prisons because they cannot raise the huge amounts, he warned.

Cherutich was speaking at Bahati village, Mukindu sub location on Wednesday, when he led the local security team in a raid in the area, where illicit brewing was still rampant.

At the same time, the CC directed chiefs to get rid of village elders who were not helping them in the fight against illicit brews and other societal vices.

He said elders were supposed to improve intelligence gathering on the ground to enable the government to be on top of things in terms of enhancing security.

Bahati village that borders Lake OlBolossat is inhabited by Turkana community which is the second largest group in Nyandarua County after their Kikuyu counterparts.

During the meeting, members of the Turkana community who spoke complained bitterly over what they called unnecessary vetting when their youth attained the mandatory age to apply for national identity card.

Our parents settled here in 1960 but we are still being asked to go back to Lodwar, Turkana County to apply for IDs from there. The process is so tedious that some of our youths miss out on chances to join security forces because by the time they acquire the vital document, they are already beyond the age limit, lamented Jeremiah Ewoi.

The CC promised to intervene, adding that as long as the area chief has approved name(s) for issuance of the document, no other vetting was required.

Source: Kenya News Agency